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about me


my name’s saku! i am a web dev and i’m overly obsessed with kpop. my real name is harry. i’m 21 years old, pronouns are he/him, and i currently live in north london with my grandad since 2022. i was just recently living briefly on a farm in milton keynes with almost no internet (sucked!) and prior to that i spent pretty much my whole life within the nottinghamshire area of the east midlands.

what i do

i spend most of my time doing web dev and various other nerdy coding things. both as a job and as a hobby. i always like trying to work on various random projects to learn new things and develop my skills. i’ve been super passionate about doing this sorta thing for the past couple of years, starting off with the most basic discord bot ever which only posted random memes, building from there into somewhat of an actual career. somehow.

what i like

the main thing i love is kpop. i love supporting all my fav groups / soloists and talking about it and sharing it with friends. my kpop addiction has sorta developed over time as i’ve gone through various phases. i’ve previously been super into anime and jpop idol music which i both love still so much, my kpop pathway was iz*one💔 / produce48 coming from a background of heavy addiction to 48g, sakamichi and related. i stan a lot of different artists in kpop, some i LOVE, but i usually listen to pretty much everything that releases each month.

iz*one my beloved

iz*one my beloved 💔💔

away from kpop, i’m also super into video games. i grew up in a nintendo household playing gamecube, wii, ds, etc etc so all the major nintendo franchises like mario, zelda n animal crossing hold strong places in my heart. as years have gone on though i’ve moved over to pc gaming and i’m heavily addicted to the portal series.

i also love a lot of tv, including my childhood love for disney channel (especially dcoms), binging k-dramas on netflix and keeping up weekly with eastenders which for i some reason haven’t stopped with for like well over 10 years now. i’m into a weird variety of things. don’t question it too much.

hope that gives you a little insight! there’s more to click around on this site to find out more things i like or what i’m doing so please head back and explore!!