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the archive

this is a selection of random stuff i have lying around that i couldnt find anywhere else to put. have a browse around if you wish. a lot of this is old and might be broken. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2019 • walking furret css testing


2019 • basic simon says game (kinda broken)

older nuxt.js site

2022 • previous version of this website, didn't like as much

miiverse archive

2017 • nintendo provided archive of my miiverse - i didnt make this its just funny to have

thisisntnath birthday page

2020 • 90s style joke website for naths birthday


1997 (real) • LOOK AT HI MGO !!

trivia web 1

2018 • trivia game made when i was at college - earliest web stuff i did, icky.

trivia web 2

2018 • 2nd trivia game made when i was at college - made in such a weird way its real icky.